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Why It's Awesome To Have A Malayali Best Friend

Why It’s Awesome To Have A Malayali Best Friend


This Is What School Lunch Is Like In Japan

School lunch in Japan is not just about eating. Lunch period is placed as a learning period in Japanese schools.


5 Years Of America's Most Popular Costumes

Halloween become world’s most popular celebration irrespective of country, religion and the culture. A interactive chart from NPR’s Planet Money tracks the relative popularity of different American Halloween costumes over the past five years. Via – likecool


Professional Halloween Zombie Costume

Today we have found a professional zombie costume for next Halloween. “Zombie Walkers have risen from the dead to prey upon the living. Their rotting flesh and frightful faces offer a glimpse of what awaits you if you become their victim. Our Zombie Walker Studio Costume comes with Studio Quality Chest with Mask Attached and […]