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DIY Bullet Headphones

Inspire To Make, a Youtube channel has created a video about ‘DIY Bullet Headphones’ which was quite popular among the viewers and gadget lovers. Due to increasing requests they are even planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign.


10 Amazing Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas!

Everyone is preparing for Christmas celebration. As usual we’ll be busy with last minute jobs like wrapping up gifts, preparing cookies and other decoration works. Have you ever thought about Christmas hacks to make your work easier? Well, we have great news for you. Grant Thompson of The King of Random shows 10 useful hacks […]


10 Simple Life Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know About

In this busy world, it’s easy to get stressed over the smallest of things. All you really need to do is breathe and try to find a better way. These 10 life hacks will help simplify day-to-day life things. Now you can free up some time to focus on the more important things in life. […]


Steeve Builds His Own Dream Dome-Home in Just Six Weeks for Only $9,000

Steve Areen decided to build the dream home in Thailand while visiting friend Hajjar Gibran. When he imagined his dream home, it wasn’t your typical white-picket-fenced mansion. He had a stunning vision. It took only six weeks to make it happen. The cost for the basic structure was under $6000. It took a few more […]


Monstera Plant Pots

Designer Tim de Weerd has designed Monstera Plant Pots which has long ornate roots that extend downwards from the main container up top. There are two types of pots, one is ‘Monstera Magnifica’ which is the tall one and the ‘Monstera Fugiens’ is the short one. The fragile-looking legs of the Monstera are made of […]


Make use of Old Computer Hardware - 12 Recycle Ideas

As technology evolves, e-waste is one of major contributor to the global warming. It’s everyone’s duty to take action on this serious issue. We can reduce this contribution by recycling e-waste in creative ways. Do you have an old computer sitting around in the storeroom or garage, taking up space? And if you just add […]


The Floyd - Shelf from Any Flat Surface

The Floyd Shelf is a tool that allows you create a your own shelf from any flat surface by installing the brackets & clamping to the material. Installing Floyd is so much easier than actually designing and building out legs because all you needed was the table top or any strong flat surface. Works with […]


The Apple Mac Bench

Designer Klaus Geiger has created a seating and table furniture concept based on the aluminum housing of the Apple Power Mac G5 computer. The computers were produced over a period of almost 10 years in externally identical form and designer has decided to recycle them. The idea for the bench gave the initial impetus. The […]