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How to take a Selfie in the Space

Do you know how to take a Selfie in the space? Russian Cosmonaut Shows You How He Takes Self-Portraits in Space.. Have a look!


Want Know How a Handgun Works?

Collection of GIF images showing ‘How a Handgun Works’ illustrated Artist Jacob O’Neal runs Animagraffs, a site where he reveals the inner workings of objects like handguns, speakers, car or jet engines with great detail. “The model 1911 handgun is named for the year it was formally adopted by the U.S. Army – and while […]


Man Tests First Dual Shoulder-Down Cyborg Arms

Les Baugh had both arms amputated at the shoulder after a electrical accident 40 years ago. Now he is the first person to successfully use the bilateral shoulder-down modular prosthetic limbs developed by the doctors and scientists at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Each arms operates with a full 3-degrees of freedom and over […]


NuDown Outerwear Helps Control your Insulation Level

NuDown Outerwear allow you to control your insulation level via a convenient, palm-of-your-hand, Dry-Air pump. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, this game-changing vest utilizes a high-tech welding process to forge adjustable insulating air/gas chambers that deliver a new standard for warmth and comfort. Its soft, durable, 4-way stretch fabric makes it the ideal […]


World's Simplest Electric Train

Look at this simple structure electric train made of just magnet,copper wire and a dry cell.


Amazon Echo - Voice-activated Personnel Assistant

Amazon introduces its latest voice-activated, cloud-connected speaker type personnel assistant called ‘Amazon Echo‘ for your living room. Its a tower like designs comes with seven microphones embedded in the top of its 9.25-inch. You can set alarm, play your favorite music, ask for any information etc.. It will hear from anywhere in the room and […]


Ollie - The App-Controlled Robot

Meet Ollie – the app-controlled robot driven by adrenaline. Launch over the competition at floor-warping speeds. Spin, drift, and flip with app-powered tricks. Then switch up your ride with custom tires and hubcaps. Ollie is engineered for speed, programmed for tricks, and customized by you. It’s time to upgrade your play. Comes with Drift Wheels, […]


Dangerous Popsicles - 3D-Printed Cacti and Viruses

Dangerous Popsicles are a collection of weird shaped popsicles inspired by cacti and life-threatening viruses by Bold or italic. What will happen when we put these dangerous things on one of our most sensitive organs, our tongues? Does pain really bring pleasure? Is there beauty in user-unfriedly things? Dangerous Popsicles create a unique sensory experience. […]


Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet vs. PayPal

We are well aware about Paypal which was started 15 years ago and the Google wallet which came up with new way of payments, both are performing pretty good till today. The all new Apple was the latest addition to the list yet a competitor of both Paypal and Google Wallet. All these mobile payment […]