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How to take a Selfie in the Space

Do you know how to take a Selfie in the space? Russian Cosmonaut Shows You How He Takes Self-Portraits in Space.. Have a look!


FollowMe Portable and rechargeable Lamp

FollowMe by designer Inma Bermúdez is a portable and re-chargeable table lamp that can be taken wherever you go. Ideal both indoors and outdoors because of its small, warm, and self-contained character and you never have to worry about buying batteries! The oak handle beckons you to pick it up. Compact and small, it almost looks […]


Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag

Inspired by the classic barrel duffels of the 20th Century, Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag is a timeless and stylish everyday carry. The Bomber Barrel redefines style by presenting itself in a modern and simple barrel structure: pure austere and clean. The Bomber Barrel is an ultra grade nylon duffel bag designed for you – the […]


Star Wars R2-D2 Luggage

Just like Starwars R2-D2 droid, R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage, is the best carry-on bag you could ever hope for also protect your underwear, shirts, socks, toothbrush, and everything else you need on your travels. It’s got a telescoping handle and 360 swivel wheels for quick maneuvering in any air, sea, or spaceport you happen to be […]


Bicycle Cup Holder

Cycling is a healthy activity and a great hobby. Many cyclists might have experienced that there is no or not enough space to keep our stuff while cycling. The Bicycle Cup Holder is a simple holder that is great for iced coffee, water bottles, sunglasses, and anything else you need within easy reach while riding. […]