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Fou Lard Bacon Scarf

“About 1500 years ago a Chinese silkworm found his way to France to produce silk in Europe and accidentally landed in a butcher’s shop on top of a slices of bacon. At the first sight, he thought its a bacon and only after touching them, he realize its the ‘Fou Lard Bacon Scarf’ which is […]


NuDown Outerwear Helps Control your Insulation Level

NuDown Outerwear allow you to control your insulation level via a convenient, palm-of-your-hand, Dry-Air pump. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, this game-changing vest utilizes a high-tech welding process to forge adjustable insulating air/gas chambers that deliver a new standard for warmth and comfort. Its soft, durable, 4-way stretch fabric makes it the ideal […]