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Giant Sausage Pillow

We all love sausages! And we love a deep sleep without any disturbance. What about sleeping and dreaming on a giant sausages? yes! this is a sausages pillow sold at belovedshirts. This “all over” print pillow is made using a special sublimation technique to provide a vivid graphic image all over the pillow.     […]


Cozy and Ridiculous Looking Food Hats

These are crocheted and cozy hats made to look like food items by Melbourne, Australia-based artist Phil Ferguson. Food seems to be a pretty obvious choice when it came to picking a theme for the hats. Collection of these ridiculous looking food hats including, burgers, pizza slices and sushi rolls, egg fry, donuts etc.. [via – likecool, huffingtonpost]


23 Funny Coincidences Caught On Camera

There are funny coincidences happen in our day to day life. But only few of them are get caught on camera. These are 23 hilarious moments of pure coincidence.   01. Taylor Swift on the highway.   02. I willingly obey your command sir    03. Yes. That’s a meaningful name.   04. That’s where […]


Why Indians Don't Use Toilet Paper? A Question On Quora

A question raised on Quora (A Question-and-Answer Platform), ‘Why Don’t Indians Use Toilet Paper After Pooping?’ Indians give hundreds of of fitting replies.   Here is the Question posted on Quora:     Top rated answer by Shivam Mishra:     Some guys nailed it with short replies:         And there is a humorous reply by […]


15 Weird things that could happen only In India

Due to high population, corrupt politics and weak economic conditions, India became one of the hardest place to survive in the world. Since many people are struggling for even basic things, secondary things like health, safety and discipline become miserable. Here we listed some of the weird moments that could happen only in India. (Inspired […]


6 Surprising Things Found Inside Computers

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The frog was significantly bigger than any of the openings in the case, so we don't know how it got in,

The frog was significantly bigger than any of the openings in the case, so we don't know how it got in," said Richard Boyle from Sneakers Computers in Courtenay, British Columbia

In 2002, technician Brian Fox, from Brisbane, Australia, was called to a job site which was a gardening/grass-growing farm in the general area of Boonah, where the office area had some small holes in the walls, and sometimes had vermin in the office area. The office people called him one day because their computer wasn’t […]