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The Skull Chair by Chic Sin Design

Hong Kong based Etsy seller ‘chic sin design‘ creates and sells skull chairs using polyster thread, inflatable exercise ball, water base and metal frame. “This handmade SKULL Chair has a movable jaw which can be opened and closed, it can be functioned as a comfy low chair or an awesome decoration for your home. The graphics […]


HASH - A Modular Bookshelf

Hash is a modular bookshelf made from painted steel, designed by Max Voytenko of LINE STUDIO. Designer explains “The modular bookshelf. It is possible to make many combinations based on two modules as well as combine them under different angles (turn to  90 degrees). The shelf is made of painted steel.”             […]


The Floyd - Shelf from Any Flat Surface

The Floyd Shelf is a tool that allows you create a your own shelf from any flat surface by installing the brackets & clamping to the material. Installing Floyd is so much easier than actually designing and building out legs because all you needed was the table top or any strong flat surface. Works with […]


Press a Button to Adjust This Table

If your table and chair are not up to the standard, you will probably end up with many health problems in the near future. All what we need is an adjustable chair or a table. The IKEA BEKANT is an affordable sit/stand desk that transforms and adjust with a simple press of a button. Available […]


The Apple Mac Bench

Designer Klaus Geiger has created a seating and table furniture concept based on the aluminum housing of the Apple Power Mac G5 computer. The computers were produced over a period of almost 10 years in externally identical form and designer has decided to recycle them. The idea for the bench gave the initial impetus. The […]


50 Creative Ways To Recycle Wooden Palette - DIY Projects

Almost any piece of modern furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures can be made with recycled wood pallets parts. Wood is an excellent material for diy projects that allows to experiment and design unique items for your home decorating. Some companies pay to get rid of their wooden pallets and I think they will be […]