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DIY Bullet Headphones

Inspire To Make, a Youtube channel has created a video about ‘DIY Bullet Headphones’ which was quite popular among the viewers and gadget lovers. Due to increasing requests they are even planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign.


Connect up to Five Headphones to Share Music

What is the best way to share and mix your music with friends? Here comes the Belkin RockStar 5-Way 3.5-mm Headphone Splitter allows you to connect up to five headphones to one device for sharing music with friends. It has a unique hub with five jacks that connects a combination of MP3 players and headphones. [Buy]


ZiPAC II - Unzip the Case to get a USB Cable

ZiPAC II is a cable and a convenient case in one that can be used as a purse, or to hold your mobile device, make-up, pens and pencils, or whatever that can fit in it. If you need a USB cable for connecting and charging your devices, simply unzip the case and you will get a magical USB […]


Spring Smasher Nuts Cracker

Naomi nut cracker comes with a conical spring, which contains a firmly fixed pin. The nut is put in the stainless steel bowl provided and the spring placed above it. The spring is held to the side with two fingers, the ball at the end of the spring is pulled upwards thus putting the spring […]


Amazon Echo - Voice-activated Personnel Assistant

Amazon introduces its latest voice-activated, cloud-connected speaker type personnel assistant called ‘Amazon Echo‘ for your living room. Its a tower like designs comes with seven microphones embedded in the top of its 9.25-inch. You can set alarm, play your favorite music, ask for any information etc.. It will hear from anywhere in the room and […]


Spider Glove Launcher for Kids

The Spider Glove Launcher for Kids is a pretty cool little launcher. It’s mounted around the one-size-fits-most-kids glove. When the wearer’s hand squeezes into a fist (compressing the bulb in the palm), the dart fires. And with the wristband quiver, your mini dart-warrior will always have reloads at the ready. The Spider Glove Launcher for […]


Bicycle Cup Holder

Cycling is a healthy activity and a great hobby. Many cyclists might have experienced that there is no or not enough space to keep our stuff while cycling. The Bicycle Cup Holder is a simple holder that is great for iced coffee, water bottles, sunglasses, and anything else you need within easy reach while riding. […]


Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

What about a glowing, badass headphones with cat ears that let you blast your music and express your style? A new company called Axent Wear launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign earlier this week looking to raise $250,000 to help fund a cat ear headphones. Headphone features fully functional cat ear shaped external speakers which […]