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ZiPAC II - Unzip the Case to get a USB Cable

ZiPAC II is a cable and a convenient case in one that can be used as a purse, or to hold your mobile device, make-up, pens and pencils, or whatever that can fit in it. If you need a USB cable for connecting and charging your devices, simply unzip the case and you will get a magical USB […]


10 iPhone Tips And Tricks You Might Not Know

There are many useful features available with ios devices. But many of the users are not aware about it. Here are some tips you might not know.   01. Switch shooting direction Right to Left In Panorama Shooting direction in iOS panorama mode is Left to Right by default. Simply tap the arrow to switch […]


Snap! 6 - iPhone 6 Case with Shutter Button & Interchangeable Lenses

Snap! 6 is an iPhone 6 case with an actual shutter button & interchangeable lenses that make photo-taking easy, fun and professional.” With an actual shutter button and portable, interchangeable lenses, now you can take photos with your iPhone with ease and at the same time go creative without sacrificing mobility. When you hold your phone […]