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5 Crazy Science Stunts, You Won't See At School

Insane experiments you probably won’t be learning in school. “WARNING: This video is for demonstrational and educational purposes only. Each demonstration poses risks and hazards that must be fully understood before attempting, and should only be attempted by professionals. Use of this video content is at your own risk.”  


Rocky Byun Balances Objects on Impossible Positions in Dubai

Anything that is impossible to be balanced? Rocky Byun will make it balance on any point, miraculously making it stand still in seemingly impossible positions. Even with his eyes closed. Whether its a Rock, stone, cellphones, chairs, bicycles, motorbikes, washing machines—it doesn’t matter.. Video shows his performance in Dubai.


What is the difference between Butter and Margarine

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown figured out What is the difference between Butter and Margarine? And is one better for you than the other? See it yourself