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FollowMe Portable and rechargeable Lamp

FollowMe by designer Inma Bermúdez is a portable and re-chargeable table lamp that can be taken wherever you go. Ideal both indoors and outdoors because of its small, warm, and self-contained character and you never have to worry about buying batteries! The oak handle beckons you to pick it up. Compact and small, it almost looks […]


Edison Light Globes Steampunk Lamps

Australia-based company Edison Light Globes creates really beautiful desk and pendant lamps. Alongside with classically-shaped bulbs, most of its lights are upcycled, Steampunk themed type lamps featuring antiqued vintage gooseneck on a heavy steel with custom Edison Light Globes brass hardware and detailing. Have a look!


Bulb Looks Like A Water Bucket of A Well

An inspiring lamp design uses a simple wooden handle to submerge the bulb into the deep inside of a glass “well”, transforming the light from clear into gradient blue that mimics the true color in real water wells. [via – Ajeto, inewidea]